Privacy Policy

The health information on this website is intended for use solely by patients registered at the 4 Hucknall GP surgeries which make up Bryon Primary Care Network. You should consult a qualified healthcare professional such as your GP, if you have any questions or queries about your own health.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this website is correct and up-to-date, this cannot be guaranteed. Byron Primary Care Network cannot be held responsible for harm, loss or damage resulting from inaccuracies in this website, or actions taken by persons in response to reading information on this website.

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We do not collect personal data through this website.

Your GP surgery and other healthcare professionals will have access to personal and special category information about you as part of any care they provide.

You should contact them or see the privacy notice on their websites for details of the information they collect, how it may be shared with other social and care providers, and how you access or control the information held about you.